Alternative education through arts creates the best community engagement. Involving, and integrating the community, creates bonds and better social conscious.


2017 :: October 5 – 6, 2017  II Encuentro Internacional de la Cátedra Arte y Tecnología UCV “Low Tech, en la cultura, Arte y Sociedad Actual”. Ponencia: La Evolución del Performance Participativo y la cultura Low Tech. Universidad Católica de Valencia

2016 :: May 26 – 29, 2016  American Alliance of Museums Walter E.Washington Convention Center, Washington, DC

2014 :: September 13th, 2014 The Chill Concept Pop Up Museum, opens doors officially. Wynwood, FL

Article: Un museo pop tiene su espacio

2014 :: THE CHILL CONCEPT: The Museum Evolution at Inclusive Museum Conference 2014. Andreina Fuentes and Gerardo Zavarce. Burnbank, CA

2013 :: NODEM. THE CHILL CONCEPT: The Museum Evolution. Stockholm, Sweden

2013 :: Inclusive Museum Conference 2013.  Exhibition – Action: Art and Museum. Andreina Fuentes and Gerardo Zavarce. Copenhagen, Denmark

2013-Today :: Member of the Inclusive Museum. Champaign, IL

2013-Today :: Member of the AAM (American Alliance of Museum). Latino Chapter. Washington, DC

2013-Today :: Joined the ICOM USA, International Council of Museums. Paris, France

2013-Today :: Started project of The Chill Concept in new location. Miami, FL

2010-Today :: Created The Chill Concept at Hardcore Art Miami. Miami, FL

2004-2007 :: Emergent Art Leaders, Miami-Dade County. Miami, FL

2004-today :: Asociacion de Museologos de Venezuela. Founder. Caracas, Venezuela

2001-2003 :: PIAG Museum. Exhibition Coordinator. Coral Gables, FL

1998-2001 :: Museo Jacobo Borges. Exhibition Coordinator. Catia, Venezuela


Curator since 2000. I am a Venezuelan curator based in USA. Currently Creative Creator at The Chill Concept, an independent pop up museum with a curated collection of projects located in Wynwood Art District, Miami, FL.  Before this new challenge, I managed for a decade the curatorial program at Hardcore Art Contemporary Space. Also, I have participated in 70 + art fairs around the world.

Nina Fuentes´s focus for curating art is  based on creating exhibits as a platform for social activism and educational purposes in human rights, environmental issues, creative thinking and community engagement.

Curatorial projects include:

It is a public art project, which aims to promote video, film and performance among the wide audience and urban spaces. NMF was founded in 2006, and it would be held every year during October in Miami. With various art activities including screening, video mapping, audio-visual performance, workshop, exhibition and lecture, NMF weaves video arts into urban life and interacts with the audience, enabling a new possibility of public art.

Many times fashion designers have looked for inspiration in art, to create or recreate shapes, fabrics, colors and unexpected pieces.  And this is a two-way road. Art also becomes fashion to explore new ways of exhibition. Art meets fashion to get to people, to walk the streets and catwalks.

Art Miami, Arte Americas Miami, Scope New York, Miami, and Basel, Context Miami, Bridge London, Pinta Art Fair London, and New York, Art Shanghai, LINK Hong Kong, Platform LA, FIA Caracas, among many others.

Project: “The Chill Concept: The Museum Evolution” The Chill Concept. Miami, FL. Co-Curator and Producer. Sept 13, 2014

Title: “The Future is Bright, the Past is Black and White” Blue and Joy. The Chill Concept @ Hardcore Art Contemporary Space. Miami, FL. Curator and Producer. March 13, 2014

Title: “Art and Toys” Chanoir, Consuelo Castaneda , Nina Dotti, Carlos Zerpa, Muu Banco, FLIX, Benito Laren, Blue and Joy. PSH Projects. Miami, FL. Extent of participation Curator and Producer. Oct 2013

Title: “Braking News” David Palacios. PSH Projects. Miami, FL. Extent of participation Curator and Producer. Oct 2013

Title: “Storage Memoir” 10 years history. Consuelo Castaneda, Andres Michelena, Guerra De La Paz, Amparo Sard, Manuela Covini, Milton Becerra, Gaston Ugalde, Chanoir, Julie Frield, Gladys Triana, Mariano Vargas, Fernando Arias, among others. The Chill Concept @ Hardcore Art Contemporary Space. Miami, FL. Curator. Sept, 2013

Title: “No Hard Feelings” Chanoir. The Chill Concept @  Hardcore Art Contemporary Space. Miami, FL. Co-Curator and Producer. March 30, 2013

Title: “Recycle” Consuelo Castaneda. The Chill Concept @ Hardcore Art Contemporary Space. Miami, FL. Curator and Producer. Nov 2012 – April, 2013