Nina Fuentes´s believes in education push her to use creative thinking and cultural experience, reflection and enjoyment through art and music, to make communities aware of daily and common problematic women confront in their lives.

2017 :: Plan Pais George Town University. Washington DC

2016 :: 46th Annual Washington Conference on the Americas

2016 :: Plan País

2016 :: IAM Venezuela. Video

2016 :: Latino Impact Summit 2016. La Fundación Ismael Cala en conjunto a la Fundación PVBLIC de Sergio Fernández de Córdova en el primer encuentro Latino Impact Summit, el 8 de septiembre de 2016 en la sede de las Naciones Unidas, Nueva York.

2016 :: Homenaje a Sofia Imber.Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM). Miami, Fl.

2015 :: Every 15 seconds. Non Profit Organization against domestic violence. President. Founder. Miami, Fl.

2015 :: Annual Meeting & Museum Expo. Conference Theme: “The Social Value of Museums: Inspiring Change.” Atlanta, Georgia.

2015 :: Annual Meeting. Plan País . GAINSVILLE University. Florida

2014 :: Museo del Barrio. MARISOL: Sculptures and Works on Paper. Sponsor. New York, NY

2014 :: MISO (Miami Symphony Orchestra). Sponsor. Miami, FL

2014 :: Annual meeting & Museum expo. Conference Theme : “The Innovation Age”. Seattle

2014 :: Themed Sessions & Roundtable in Room: New Models of Museum Going. Title: The Child Concept. The Museum evolution. A pop-up museum with a collection of curated projects and creative spaces designing a community. Seventh international conference on the Inclusive Museum Autry National Center of the America, Autry National Center of the American West. Los Angeles, USA.

2013-Today :: VAEA (Venezuelan American Endowment for the Arts). Board Member. New York, NYC

2013 :: MAI (Marina Abramovic Institute).  Founder. Hudson, NY

2013 :: Title: The Chill Concept The Museum evolución. International conference on desgn and digital heritage. Stockholm, Sweden.

2013 :: Annual Meeting & Museum Expo .Conference Theme: “The Power of Story”. Baltimore

2013 :: Sixth International Conference on the Inclusive Museum Statens Museum for Kunst, Themed Sessions & Roundtable in Room: Inclusive Strategies: Title: Exhibition Action–Museums and Communities: A Contemporary Practice. National Gallery of Denmark Copenhagen, Denmark.

2006-Today :: Arts Connections Foundation. Founder, and Chairman of the board. Miami, FL

2006:: MIAD Co-Hosts Americans for the arts 2006 Annual Convention. Conference Theme : Americans for the Arts Public Art Network (PAN). Milwaukee City Center.

2005 :: Exposición acción: museos, arte y comunidades. Apuntes sobre la Nueva Museología.

2005 :: 1er Foro Latinoamericano de arte emergente. Mendoza, Argentina

2004-Today :: Fundación Mi Familia. Collaborator. Caracas, Venezuela

2002-2006 :: FUNDANA. Collaborator. Caracas, Venezuela

2002 :: First Adoption Journey. Fundación Pro Adopcion. Sponsor, and planner. Caracas, Venezuela

1996-Today :: Fundacion Arte Emergente, FAE en Venezuela. Founder and Chairman of the Board. Caracas, Venezuela