Studies & Academic Experience

2018 – 2021 :: 

PHD in the Human and Social Science task program. Research in  Culture as an human expression. Foundation for the Totality : Latin – American creators in the  New York underground scene in the 60’s. PHD School at Valencia San Vicente Mártir Catholic University.        Valencia, Spain.

2016 – 2017 ::

Cultural management specialization . Barcelona University .Barcelona, Spain.

2004 – 2006 ::

Photography. Nelson Garrido Organization (ONG). Caracas, Venezuela.

2003 ::

BA in Art History and Museum Studies. José María Vargas University. Caracas, Venezuela.

2003 ::

Photography. Roberto Mata School. Caracas, Venezuela.

1997 ::

Sculpture and drawing  . Art Student League. New York, NY, USA.

Sculpture and Polymers  . Armando Reverón  University Institute (IUESAPAR). Marcos Salazar workshop. Caracas, Venezuela.

Political Science and Law School . José María Vargas University. Caracas, Venezuela.

1996 -1997 ::

Sculpture  . Modeled I & II, Glazes I & II. Arte y Fuego School. Caracas, Venezuela.

1996 ::

Ceramic Sculpture  . Arte y Fuego School. Caracas, Venezuela.

Aerography. Instituto de Diseño Perera. Caracas, Venezuela.

1991 ::

BA in Bank and Finances. Universidad Metropolitana. Caracas, Venezuela.


1992 – 1997 ::

Profesor at Universidad Nueva Esparta. Escuela de Administración de Empresas de Diseño. Caracas, Venezuela.