About Nina Fuentes

Who am I?

Let’s start not dividing Nina Fuentes from Nina Dotti because we are the same person. Not that I have double personality, as somebody told me once. We both work in parallel. It is Nina Fuentes AKA Nina Dotti.

This is about Nina Fuentes. Let me introduce myself – my full name is: Andreina Mercedes del Carmen Fuentes Angarita.

Born in Caracas, Venezuela in 1968, my family moved to California when I was 30 days old, and we lived there until I was 6 years old, when we moved back to Caracas and spent the rest of my growing stage.

I got my bachelor degree in Banking and Finance in 1991. I also studied Law, Museology and Art History, getting my bachelor in Arts in 2003.

As a philanthropist, and cultural sponsor of Venezuelan Contemporary Art, I started in 1996, with the creation of the FAE (Fundación Arte Emergente).

In 1996 I acquired the first piece of my Contemporary Art Collection, by Francisco Narvaez, and today I own 1000+ pieces.

My first work of many as a curator was in the exhibition called “ Tribute to Miss Venezuela pageant” inside the exhibit “609060”, design by the Goet Institute of Caracas, and shown at the Museo Jacobo Borges, Catia in 2000.

I became art dealer in 2003, and opened Hardcore Art Contemporary Space while I was planning my debut as an artist in Venezuela – Nina Dotti, in 2004.

After 17+ years of hard work invested in the arts, in 2014 I’m proud to say we inaugurated the first Pop Up Museum (Project Museum), in Miami – The Chill Concept.

The Chill Concept (TCC) is my conception of a new kind of museum but is also a new way of learning, and still had quality time in our life.  Building a community with a “strong positive learning environment by mitigating the big learning inhibitors: fear, ego, defenses, complacency, and arrogance” (Edward D. Hess, Learn to Die, Columbia University Press, 2014). I created TCC as a platform that provides useful guidance on a large body of research on wellness, innovation and contemporary culture factors that promote learning and experimentation in every member of our community to transform, transcend, and enjoy life. I integrate my life as a mother, artist, curator, philanthropist, and as a businesswoman.

I am a professional dreamer, and a project builder for communities through the arts with a big passion to perform, working hard to create awareness in communities about the modern women go through in their daily lives, no matter their social status.

I invite you to share my dreams with me…


2015 :: Premio Armando Reverón, Mención Promoción Internacional de las Artes. ICA y AVAP (Asociación Venezolana de Artistas Plásticos), Venezuela.

2015 :: Proclama del Día de Nina Fuentes por la ciudad de Miami 16 Febrero.